Music is the engine that drives our lives.

And nowhere is this more evident than at Studio A, a little hole-in-the-wall concrete studio put together by the boys (and girls) at Guaranteed Poison. Local metal music culture comes to a flashpoint there nearly every weekend, as GP president RJ hosts a riotous horde of musicians eager to make some noise (and possibly break some shit).Studio A is a metalhead’s dream, the walls literally lined with amps, the floor littered with cords and pedals of every imaginable flavor. I want to have my ashes scattered there when I die.

But even more impressive than the place itself are the people within it. A variety of bands drift in and out. Some play together as a group; others splinter apart and form new fractal groups spontaneously. You just never know who’s going to be standing next to you, learning to play Drowning Pool on a C-tuned 7-string guitar. And you never know when the bouncy, hip-hop outro to Korn’s Blind will morph into Cypress Hill and make everyone laugh. There’s a lot of that at Studio A: camaraderie, laughter and music. Good people, good times. And a whole lot of fucking decibels.

Which brings me to my point: Black Shirts Matter. Just because our wardrobe can be described in three words (black, with skulls) doesn’t mean we’re useless rednecks with too many dogs. I mean, yeah, some of us ARE rednecks with too many dogs, but we make a valuable contribution to society. A world without metal music is a world without anarchy, a world without a nutsack, a world that’s got nothing to listen to but Justin Bieber and Elton John.

You’re welcome.


Items of note this weekend at Studio A:

1. Studio drummer, Zack B. (who was born with actual drumsticks in his hands) says that if it were possible for him to gaze into a crystal ball and see his future, he would resist the temptation to look. He would rather be surprised. This laid-back, Zen-master attitude goes strangely well with his drumming style: the kid has both chops and adaptability. I’m sure his future holds great things.

2. The Amazing Alex, a scruffy but endearing 19-year-old metal guitarist with more scintillating licks in his repertoire than Arby’s has curly fries. He stands off in his own space, axe strapped to his back, twisting its gonads until it squeals like a chained demon. I didn’t even know guitars could make sounds like that. I bet the guitar didn’t fucking know either.

3. At about 2:30 in the morning (just as everybody was feeling really, really good), a startling new sound caused us all to run down the hill and see just what was happening. It sounded like a fucking lion was on the loose in Studio A, but it turned out to be Tony, doing something that could only be described as Roaring With Drums. Will that be the title of his solo album? Tune in next week to find out.

(K. LaHaie)


New Social Site in the Works

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B Button Mario (The Next Level)

Thursday night was a lot of fun for the folks at Guaranteed Poison and for the patrons that attended the new years eve party at a local bar in the little town of Onaway MI.

Us’s Joe and Rj played the’re rendition of the classic video game Mario by request of some of the locals, only they had to hold the B button while doing so. Not wanting to disappoint the fans, here is what they came up with.


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